All the registration links are available now.
Anybody registering will be required to download the Rugby Xplorer App.
The training only registration is required for anyone not presently financial or playing but wanting to train with a REDCLIFFE TEAM.
Junior players registering will be aligned to the age they turn in the calendar year. If they want to play in a different age group they must apply to do this via the BJRU process.

The registration procedure is as follows:-
Click onto this link (also located as a link on the club website front page)
Enter in your email address 
(You may be in the system (from a previous year) and the email address used then, may still be active.
If the email address is accepted you will be able to proceed further.
Select the SIGNIN MANUALLY option (If you know your password from last years registration)
If you don't know the password or your email address is new, choose the EMAIL ME A MAGIC LINK button and follow as instructed. It will need to email you a password link to create and confirm your new password. You will need to be able to accept an email.
This process is important as it will need to create a new account for you in the database system. Simply follow as instructed.
If a new to rugby registration, it will set you up via an active email address and a new password you will generate at the time of registration.


When set up in the system:-
Log in.
You will view your Profile page at the first log in screen.
Your details will be displayed. (as well as any other LINKED family members you may have already registered in past or the present season.) 
Plus at this point you can add any additional family members by choosing the CREATE A RUGBY LINKED ACCOUNT
Click onto your name (this will place a tick next to your selection)
Type in our club, REDCLIFFE  (note there is junior and senior club option)
Select the relevant Redcliffe junior or senior club (as both will appear) 
A tick will appear next to your selection.
Click NEXT
Special note on the above option:
PLAYERS. Select JUNIOR if ages 5-17. Select SENIOR if 18 years plus
NON PLAYERS. Select a club accordingly. IE if training or coaching in the senior club select the SENIOR option, if a parent in the juniors select the JUNIOR option etc.
Click onto the word ROLE
Special note on the above ROLE option:
If a person is trying to register in the junior club as a player - It will only allow players that fall between the ages of 5-18 to register as a player. Any other age group will not be given a player registration option. It will only allow these people to register as volunteers, match officials, coaches etc. Senior rugby will only allow players turning 18 and older in the calendar year plus to view the player option.
Click onto the word REGISTRATION TYPE
Select the age specific group. JUNIORS Select XV's Juniors, SENIORS select XVs Mens
Click onto the word DURATION
Depending on the type of ROLE and TYPE chosen the only option may be SEASON so select this.
Juniors will not offer any other option, Seniors will offer SEASON, MONTHLY & WEEKLY. Select as required.
Select NEXT
Click NEXT
You can choose to SKIP the next screen or supply a headshot photo. Players are encouraged to upload a photo.
Make or confirm changes as required on the next screen
If registering a player it may ask players height, weight etc. Just answer as required.
Click NEXT
Make or confirm changes and required on the next screen
Click NEXT
Read the next screen, check the box.
Click NEXT
Enter credit/debit card details

After the payment has been accepted it may ask you do you want to register another person. (IE junior parent etc)
JUNIOR REGISTRATION NOTE: This is important if wanting to register another player to reduce fees for SIBLINGS. Click YES. If no more registrations required click NO.
If another sibling is to be registered in the junior club you MUST continue registering at this point.
If you log out by NOT selecting the tab, Would you like to add another registration, or when entering your siblings you didn't link them to each other under the same log in email address, it will not accept them as siblings and the reduced sibling rate will not be offered.
All siblings must be all registered with Redcliffe as players to gain the sibling rate.
If no further registeration are to be carried out simply log out of the system at this point.
The club registrar will be able to view any registrations so if any questions after the registeration process simply email or