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The Redcliffe Rugby news 18.2.19.  


Have had a few ask, what do players wear on game day? We offer club shorts & socks for sale online at greatly reduced prices (if purchased with registration).  We supply a club jersey on game day with this jersey remaining club property. Players are to supply their own boots and mouth guards should be worn.

Games commence

Juniors - Sunday teams start 31st March, Saturday games start 27th April.

Seniors -Saturday 23rd March (Bye), Saturday 30th March v Beenleigh. (Away at Beenleigh)

Veterans - Friday 15th March v Logan/Wynnum. (Home game at Redcliffe)


Rugby Xplorer have indicated the discount codes required for clubs are not far away. Like all clubs we are simply waiting. You can either (1) register as a Training Only Player now and wait for Rugby Xplorer to supply a code, once they do you will register as a full player registration. (2) Pay the full amount now and receive the discount back from the club after payment of fees. All players involved with training must be registered.


The senior club draw is out. View the Calendar page at

Redcliffe Veteran team (Rusty Old Demons for 35 years +) had the first hit out on Saturday. The annual kick start to the year at the Waitangi Festival. The guys had a great day and we now wait for the first HOME game for 2019 on Friday 15th March.

The senior team Demons draw has been released with the first game set for 30th March v Beenleigh away at Beenleigh. (the opening round 23rd March we have a bye).

The first Redcliffe home game is v Brisbane Hustlers on 6th April at 3pm.


Each team management may ask members to assist with game day duties. Teams will be required to supply a manager and assistant ref for every home & away game. At home games teams will need to supply a field marshal and the junior club may request a first aid person that holds the minimum of Apply First Aid. The committee also ask members if they can help in the canteen at our own home games. If offering to help email and we will guide you through the process.

Please note some roles such as manager, field marshal and assistance refs require an ONLINE accrediation process that must be carried out before games start. Coaches will decide what number of trainers may be required. If interested in helping your own team discuss with your coach.


As many would have seen we open the clubroom at Friday junior training and we will also open on game days. When we have junior home games, teams will play Saturday & Sunday from 8:30am and depending on the number of games to be played as to game times and how long we stay open. We kindly request assistance from anyone that would like to help. Don't feel shy. On game day we encourage assistance before your game. Come into the canteen the game before your game. IE. If your game is 9:20am, come in to help from about 8:30am, than when your game starts, leave to watch. We request adults only wearing enclosed shoes.


If you or your team is looking to hold a function just ask if our clubroom is available. We hold functions regulary and bookings are required. Simply email supply the date you are looking to book and let the club help you.


The REGISTRATION process continues and is available at (instructions below)

Due to many still playing summer sports it will be a little quieter at training for the next month, but over time members will register and arrive at the club. If registration info required, email or


Now that club training has commenced, all players MUST be registered as either a full player or as a TRAINING ONLY participant. If not registered no training is permitted by any player.

All parents, guardians and volunteers are required to register as a club member of the Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club via the ONLINE Rugby Xplorer registration system.


Everything will be listed on the CALENDAR page of the web site. This is presently updated with as much info as possible.


Thanks to those members that have registered online this week and have become club facebook friends already (Redcliffe Rugby Union). If you haven't done that yet please do as we use FB to kept members up to date with club events and to post training or game info. We also communicate by the weekly newsletter and post to the club web site 


Senior DEMONS training is held 6:30pm every Tuesday & Thursday.

Junior SEASNAKES training is held 5.00pm every Friday.

We also have some junior team training 5:00 Wednesday.

If new to the club and if questions on training email or:-

Senior club info Nigel at 18 years plus players.

Junior club info Istaik at Ages 4-17 years players.

Male & females welcome.

After attending training confirm your contact details to your own team management.

Players training gear -Running shoes or footy boots, shorts, T Shirt (or old jersey) and a mouth guard should be worn in any contact drill and a water bottle.

Friday night junior training is junior club night so everyone is welcome.

You find over the next few weeks different age groups may train together. We will advise as best possible on each training night.


NEWS from previous newsletters:-


The next round of GET STARTED vouchers are available. We are registered for the Get Started system. Deliver the completed form to the club registrar in the clubrooms and when registering you will need a discount code to gain the $150 off fees. Email for the code and any further information.


If interested in sponsoring the club, please contact us at

We are always on the lookout for financial assistance, if looking to sponsor a team, the senior or junior club, a particular day, just ask what is involved. If you want some information, we look forward to helping you to help us.


Get ready for sign on by downloading the new Rugby Xplorer App.

A Step X Step guide can be found at

Even though we have registrations open, we are still waiting on some discounts we will have on offer. We expect them soon and we will release details when they are available on the club facebook page and on the web site.

Other instructions & info on registration is available on the web site SIGN ON page. 

Due to a new Rugby Australia Registration Portal, EVERY NEW or RETURNING player will need to confirm their information ONLINE.

The Step x Step and REGO PROCESS link will supply all the information that will be needed.


All registrations are a yearly process so even if you registered last year, YOU MUST go back on line each year to register. Any 2018 members are no longer registered with the club and must register again.


Step 1. Get ready for signon by downloading the new Rugby Xplorer App.

Step 2. The registration system needs to confirm who you are and if you are registered & financial (by automatically retrieving info from the 2018 RUGBYLINK system).

This is done with you clicking the available link, entering your email address (if found it will ask you to then enter your password). If not found you will need to create a new password.

Step 3

You will need to register by clicking the available options.

Click “SIGN ME UP”



Registration for the new year. (If previously registered) should just be a case of completing a few questions as your previously entered information will just need to view, correct & confirm.

If you are new to rugby and have never registered Step 3 will involve you answering all questions.

Also after you have completed your registration and if ever need to return to Rugby Xplorer simply click the SIGN IN MANUALLY link to bypass all QA.


All payments must be done ONLINE.

There are a few different payment options.

Payment by Debit card & Credit card remain but they have now added a Zip pay option (AFTERPAY- a third party group) that members will have to interact with ONLINE at the point of paying. This is not done at club level but by you directly with the portal at the point of paying.

Zip info at

Payment options:

We will look set up a few options.

1. Earlybird discount, 2. Voucher (Code required) discount, 3. Monthly (senior only), 4. Weekly (senior only), 5. Siblings (Junior only), 6. Training only.

All parents, guardians and volunteers are required to register as a club member of the Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club via the ONLINE Rugby Xplorer registration system.

More info will be supplied as required.

The senior and junior club rules / handbooks are available on the INFO page of the website. These are updated as required and always useful to find relevant information.


The number one confusing thing to most people is what happens at rugby when wet weather.

We have a simple process. The club has a wet weather training policy and game day policy. Available in the Club Handbook (Club Rules) on the INFO page of the web site.

Summary as follows.


Don't assume just because it is raining that training will be cancelled. That may not be the case.

Once we have all member contact details we relay this to team management. It is then up to each team management to decide what happens with TRAINING if wet weather. (Unless a total field closure.)

The club management will decide in certain circumstances such as massive rain events or a total field closures but on the whole the teams will decide what they do with training. Remember just because the rugby fields may be closed, team may still choose to do off field training. We also have several fields available to us so two may be closed but two may be open.

A few rules of thumb to follow.

-Look on club FB or the web site as we will try to post as much info as we can.

-Teams may use a team FB or mobile phone app so follow your own team instructions as they may vary on what they may decide.

-Dont assume and if you have doubt contact your own team management.

Game day:-

The club decides what happens on game day, not the teams.

We rarely stop playing just because of rain. Players love rain. If raining, still expect games to be on somewhere.

The governing body (BJRU & QSRU) can make competition decisions that override clubs desires but normally only in the event of major rain.

Just because raining in Redcliffe doesn't mean it is raining at your away game location.

Assume games are on until known otherwise, look on the club FB and web site for any postings. Team management will be kept informed on club and governing body decisions as they may arise on game day so communicate with your own team management on the game day procedures and importantly be appreciative some decisions can be made late simply due to "waiting to see what may happen".

It is worth noting in the early part of the year some contact details may not be relayed yet so we apologise if there may be some communication issues but over time all parties will be on the same page.



INSTAGRAM - Football matters

INSTAGRAM - Clubroom matters

TEAMSPP - During the season matters & search for


FACEBOOK. JUNIORS -Redcliffe Junior Rugby. SENIORS -Redcliffe Rugby Union



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If you know anyone looking to sponsor the club, or 


Clubroom hire. Email for info or visit 

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