-The Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Clubrooms are available for our rugby club members and to use or hire by non members for selective events.

-Clubroom hire is available for day or night time usage, hire is permitted by the hour, day or for a private night time event.

To make a booking simply contact the club manager at clubrooms@rrufc.com.au



-The Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club will be committed to the principles of responsible service of alcohol

 & complying with applicable laws & adhering to endorsed Liquor Service Codes of Practice.

-All alcohol service is to be carried out in accordance with the act and the terms and conditions of the licenses,

 those members and guest who fail to follow proper procedures will face club penalties as prescribed in club rules.

-We will be committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all members, guests and visitors.

-The relevant RSA holder on duty will strongly enforce the strict trading hours as specified by the license.

-The club will adhere to applicable state liquor licensing laws regarding signage.

-The areas as listed in the liquor license approval will be the permitted areas for consuming alcohol.

To ensure that patrons do not become unduly intoxicated, the club:

-Behaves responsibly in the service, supply and promotion of liquor,

-Doesn’t engage in any practice or promotion that may encourage rapid or excessive consumption of liquor,

-Engages in practices and promotions that encourage the responsible consumption of liquor,

-Provides and maintains a safe environment in and around the licensed premises,

-Abides by the Code of Practice for the Responsible Service, Supply and Promotion of Liquor,

-Immediate action will be taken by Club Committee should the welfare of patrons & bystanders be placed at risks.

All volunteers & employers must abide by the following responsible service of alcohol practices & all as set down by the liquor license:

 -No liquor will be served to minors (under 18 years of age).

 -No intoxicated persons will be admitted to the Club.

 -Intoxicated persons will be refused service of liquor.

 -No liquor is to be removed from the consumption area.

 -No BYO Alcohol is permitted. Alcohol is available for purchase at the venue. Patrons found to have brought alcohol into the venue WILL HAVE THE ALCOHOL DESTROYED and may be evicted.

 -Patrons who wish to consume alcohol must have photo ID.

 -The sale of takeaway liquor is not permitted.

 -To maintain a safe environment it may be necessary to evict a person or persons from the venue.

A licensee, employee or agent (e.g. security) may refuse entry to the premises if a person is:

 -unduly intoxicated, disorderly, a minor (unless the minor is otherwise allowed on the premises), suspected of being a minor and the person fails to produce acceptable identification.

 -The licensee may exercise the licensee’s rights apart from this Act to stop anyone who does not comply with the standard from entering the premises.

 -If the person enters, or attempts to enter the premises after being refused entry, an offence is committed.

 -An authorised person (licensee / permittee, employee, security staff or agent of the licensee / permittee) may use necessary & reasonable force to prevent the person from entering the premises.

 -If the licensee chooses to pursue this offence through the courts he/she should contact police.



 -Whilst the Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club is located at Ray Frawley Fields Silcock St, Clontarf we will be mindful of surrounding residents.

 -We will follow any noise level requirement laws as set down in the RJRUC Liquor license regulations & as listed under the acoustic engineers report supplied.

 -Present laws state - Amplifier devices include loud-hailers, megaphones, public address systems, remote telephone bells and telephone repeater bells.

-A person must not operate any of these devicesin a way that makes audible noise: On a business day before 7am or after 10pm; or on any other day, before 8am or after 6pm.



 -Non playing members must be at least 18 years of age.

 -No meeting may be held in the clubhouse without permission.

 -No leaflets, flyers, political material or private commercial activity may be distributed or conducted without permission.

 -Animals are not allowed in the clubhouse, except where allowed by law eg Seeing Eye dogs.

 -Members, guests & visitors must behave appropriately at all times.

 -Examples of unacceptable behavior include abuse towards any person or employee, argumentative behavior, verbally or physically threatening behavior, & actual violence.

-Any person can be required to leave the clubhouse at any time.

-Where a person has been required to leave the clubhouse for any reason, clubhouse privileges are suspended until the next committee meeting where a report will be tabled for consideration.

 - The committee will consider the report and determine whether any further penalty is warranted.

 -The maximum penalty is expulsion from the club.

 -Classes of membership include ordinary & social membership. An ordinary member must have committee approval to become an ordinary member.

 -Any person may apply for social membership.

 -The committee may grant or refuse membership to any person without any requirement to publish reasons.

-The club may publish clubhouse rules covering any matter, including:

-smoking in the clubhouse and surrounds, Conduct and supervision of children, Signage, Conduct and rules for a children’s activity are, and any other matter.



-We will take any complaint seriously but request you always contact and/or lodge your complaint with a member of the executive committee in writing IE: President, Vice President, & Secretary.

-Complaints can be verbal but must be put in writing if an investigation is required.

-It can be handed to an executive committee member, posted to the PO box, emailed to the secretary email address or you may attend a monthly generally meetings

& present your document so the committee can discuss & make a ruling as required.

-All written complaints will be discussed at a committee level with a ruling forwarded as required.

-If a complaint has been handed in for discussion so therefore is to be discussed at a committee meeting, we may ask all parties concerned to be in attendance at the meeting.



-For the safety of players & members we request if dogs are taken to Ray Frawley Fields must be restrained at all times, this includes the total car park area.

-No dogs are allowed past the gated area leading onto the playing field/s.

-No dogs (other than working guide dogs) are allowed into the club rooms during club activities.

-If a member, patron, visitor or spectator files a written legitimate complaint to our RJRUC committee against a dog and/or dog owner due to a dog bite or attack from that dog,

whilst the RJRUC is running a RJRUC sanctioned Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union game, training session or function event at the club grounds,

the RJRUC will forward and lodge an official complaint to the MBRC (Moreton Bay Regional Council) to have that same dog or animal banned from the grounds for all times.



-Appropriate dress standards are required at all times.

-The club (including the committee & its’ delegates whether by committee member, authorised person or employee) (“club”) will determine appropriate dress standards in their absolute discretion.

-By way of example, work clothes, football shorts and uncovered footwear will generally be allowed before 7.30 pm during the week. 

-After 7.30 pm smart casual dress is required. Smart Casual dress does not include swimwear, torn or untidy clothing, tank tops or singlet.

-No objectionable writing or pictures will be permitted at any time. Footwear is mandatory, but dirty running shoes and football boots are not considered appropriate inside the clubrooms

and are only permissible on the veranda area.

-View club rules for the clubrooms entry regulations.



-The use of illegal drugs at any time is not considered appropriate & the Club reserves the right to direct any person showing signs of been affected by drugs or behaving in an inappropriate manner to leave the Club or the match or training facility immediately.

-This includes being directed to leave any match or training facility that has been made available to the Club or at which the Club is playing.

-A failure to behave responsibly at any facility operated by the Club, being utilised by the Club or at which the Club is a visitor may result in that person being banned from Club activities.

-Police will be called as required by the law.



-Entry is available to members, visitors & guests who comply with the clubhouse rules.

-Members must present their membership card to gain entry.

-Guests must be introduced by a member, who is responsible for their guests behavior.

-A guest must not remain in the clubhouse after the introducing member has departed.

-Visitors must show proof of age & residential address to gain entry.

-A visitor must apply for membership after visiting the club 6 times in any calendar year.

-Members, guests & visitors must show identification at any time when requested to do so.

-Intoxicated persons are not allowed entry to the clubhouse.

-No alcohol may be brought to the clubhouse without the prior written permission of the club (“permission”).

-Entry will not be available to any person who has been refused membership of the club, or who has been erased from the membership register for any reason.

-The club may refuse entry to any person without reason.

-It is a condition of entry to all events that a search of person or possessions may be required at the time of entry to the Venue.

-No metal cutlery or knives of any sort are permitted into the venue.

-There are to be no fires, naked flames, gas bottles, BBQs, laser pointers, fireworks, flares,  horns, musical instruments, hailers, public address systems or any other item considered to be dangerous or capable of causing a public nuisance allowed at any event at the venue.

-View club rules for the clubrooms complete entry regulations.



-In the event of an emergency evacuation of the playing field and/or clubhouse area we suggest the area directly next to the softball fence at the middle of playing field one as the safe meeting area and  then wait for further direction from the RJRUC official. See RJRUC Fire & emergency evacuation procedures document.



-The club has CCTV installed and by entering the venue, you consent to being videoed and photographed during any event.

-Footage or images may be reproduced, published, supplied and exploited by the club without restriction including but not limited to police investigations and club marketing.



-The Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club rooms will have a sign in point for all members & guest to present membership details/sign in (if required) upon entry to clubrooms during licensed


-We will have a person appointed (Bar manager or delegate) available to carry out this duty as well as act or appoint someone to act as doorman at all times during clubroom operations.

-We will monitor our clubrooms, venue & immediate surrounds of the car park & Ray Frawley Fields complex as best we can under the relevant legislation & council by laws as it relates to clubroom  operations, but any patron refusing compliance in our venue area may fall under a council responsibility however it will be incumbent upon the license operators to ensure a safe & compliant

 environment for patrons.

-Should any patron refuse the request of the appointed enforcement marshal the club manager will call the police informing them of the situation.

-At all times the Club Committee should consider the welfare of all patrons and bystanders.



-The RJRUC has a ZERO tolerate for any sledging and/or abusive language towards players, members, match officials, visitors or club patrons.

-Penalties will apply.



-The Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club rooms, and footballs fields will be a smoke free zone and will offer outdoor amenities for smoking patrons as may be required under any laws.

-Signage promoting smoke-free areas will be displayed. The designated smoking area will be listed on display in the clubroom.

-The club will not sell cigarettes.



-It is the responsibility of the member or guest to care & secure their own clothing, belongings & any valuables when at the Ray Frawley Fields/clubhouse.

-The RJRUC will take no responsibility for any items lost or stolen whilst at the venue.



-The Redcliffe Junior Rugby Union Club manager is responsible for any venue bookings, please email the manager appointed to take bookings. clubrooms@rrufc.com.au


-To view the complete list of club policies and rules see the club handbook (links below).

-View the INFO page for Senior & Junior club rules: