• Club training has commenced. We ask anyone interested to attend training as follows.
  • Seniors -18 years plus 6:30pm Thursday.  The full season fee for the senior team is $195 or $30 per week.
  • Juniors - 5-18 years 5:00pm Friday. (some teams also do Wednesday training)
  • The senior competition will commence Sat 23rd March.
  • The junior competition starts Sunday 31st March for Sunday teams & Saturday 27th April for Saturday teams.
  • We look to continually:-
  • Grow male & female membership in senior & junior teams, for the betterment of the members & the community.
  • Market senior & junior rugby to the wider community to show there is a true alternative in football codes.
  • Develop a stronger senior club alliance with the junior club via our junior to senior pathway.
  • During the season the senior teams play as follows.
  • Senior team -Saturday. 3.00pm Scotney Cup. (Home and away)
  • Veteran team - Mostly 7.30pm Friday nights as well as Saturday or Sunday festivals. (Home and away)
  • Juniors summary-
  • The 3-4 age group is called Modified-Rugby-Participants (Development Squad). No games are played at this age, they train and have lots of fun every Friday evening (along with all other age groups).
  • The U6 & U7 age groups are introduced to basic rugby skills through a non-contact 7 a side weekly competition.
  • The U8 & U9 age groups then progress to a 10-a-side and 12-a-side tackle competition.
  • The U10-U12 ages have been developed to increase activity levels for maximum participation and enjoyment. The pathway provides an integrated and consistent approach to the development of U6-U12 players, coaches and referees nationally.
  • The U13-U18 age groups continue the progression from the Kid's pathway (U6-U12) through to the junior representative opportunities. The priority is to provide the players with opportunities to learn by trying it for themselves and the stages through this age range are stepped to allow for progressive development of every individual. Games are further intended to develop individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their age and understanding of the game. This age spectrum covers: Training to Train; and Training to Compete of Rugby Australia's Long Term Player Development (LTPD) Model focusing on progressive of all core skills (attack - catch/pass/support, attack - kicking/defence/contact) with increased pressure.
  • Junior games-.
  • Saturday: U6 8.20am, U7 9.00am, U8 10.00am, U9 10.50am (Saturday games are played in the Northern region against fellow North based teams) Siblings are allocated to play at the same location every week.
  • Sunday: U10 8.30am, U11 9.20am, U12 10.20am, U13 11:20am, U14 12.20pm, U15 1.20pm. (All Sunday teams play in divisions so are playing against teams of similar quality)
  • All times listed are subject to change.
  • The senior & junior home ground is Ray Frawley Fields 23 Silcock St Clontarf.
    Sportsmanship & family values are the heart of the club ethos. We look to provide a safe & enjoyable atmosphere for all. Our games are free flowing, with a focus on developing skills of running rugby. We encourage the entire family to participate in all our events & make a conscious effort to design all game days so that all members & their families are not only invited but also want to participate.